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Preparing to sell? Garage door renos add curb appeal, value
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Remodelling projects that help enhance a home's value are a priority for homeowners, particularly in today's highly competitive housing market. When considering an improvement, especially with an eye toward resale, recent surveys indicate the garage is a good place to start to increase a home's curb appeal and value. That's because many buyers judge a house by its exterior.

A remodelled kitchen and bath can help sell a home, but curb appeal is what gets buyers through the door. If they don't like what they see from the street, chances are they won't go inside.

The garage door may not be the first item you think of when putting your home up for sale, but realtors say it is worth giving it some consideration.

Depending on the style of the door, and how it fits with the architectural style of the home, realtors have increased the list price anywhere from one to four per cent. On a $350,000 home, that's an increase of $3,500 to $14,000 just for a garage door.

Even if a homeowner is not selling a house, replacing a garage door can yield big returns in terms of energy-efficiency and setting a new standard in the neighbourhood.

The average price for a new garage door ranges from $500 to $5,000, depending on the size of the door and the material it's made from. The most popular look in garage doors right now is the carriage-house style door. The doors look like old-fashioned swing-out doors but function like modem roll-up doors with an electric garage door opener. The choices for design, colour and materials are virtually endless. Many homeowners favour the high-end look of wood carriage-house style doors, but they don't want the upkeep or the price tag that comes with them.

Manufacturers now are introducing less-expensive, low-maintenance versions in steel with layered, wood-grain composite overlays or embossed patterns. Unlike wood, a steel carriage-house door is easier to maintain, resisting both fading and rot due to exposure.

If the vintage look doesn't work with the style of your home, no problem. Another solution is to select a classic raised-panel steel door and customize it with decorative windows. For more contemporary architecture, consider the sleek-looking aluminum and glass doors now available.

Factors to consider when selecting a new garage door:

- Budget: Like everything, budget dictates options. Garage doors range in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the size, materials and design you choose. Even if you have a small budget you can still get a great-looking door that is going to enhance the look of the house.

- Design: Think of the garage as an extension of the home's theme, not an afterthought. Let the home's architectural style, the shape and size of the windows and entry doors, and exterior design details influence the design of the garage door. It's a good idea to visit dealer showrooms and review manufacturer websites to get a sense of the options available. Many companies offer doors pre-designed to match specific architectural styles, which can make the selection process easier.

- Insulation: Doors can be insulated or noninsulated. If the garage is attached to the house, you'll want an insulated door. This will help reduce utility bills, another popular selling point with prospective buyers. If you live in a mild climate or have a detached garage that will only be used to park the car, you can opt for a less expensive, noninsulated door.

- Upkeep: Maintenance is another consideration. Steel doors are very durable and virtually maintenance-free, but some people prefer the warmth and character of wood and the limitless design options. Depending on the climate and exposure, wood doors will need to be painted or stained every few years.

Even A Garage Door Can Be "Green"

Homeowners looking for ways to make their house "green" can start by taking stock in an unlikely home commodity -- the garage door. As the largest moving part on a home, the garage door plays an important role in maintaining its structural integrity and energy-efficiency, which are two important criteria in green building design.


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