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Garage Door Opener Installation Described In A Few Simple Steps
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It’s often simple to do a garage door opener installation. You can find completely different materials from completely different companies available but principally the process is the same. Garage door openers are normally provided in a DIY package to be installed by the buyer, so as expected it comes with extremely clear step-by-step directions and components that are labeled clearly for easy identification.

It’s a simple and easy process of installation that will not take a lot of time to accomplish.

Assemble the Opener. Check all the parts are complete then assemble the components as per the directions. This is done easily as all parts are assigned a letter or number for easy identification. Step one is to put together the rail. After that you would connect it to the opener’s motor head. After you have assembled everything to complete th opener, you can then install it.

Attach the Rail to the Header. A ladder around 8 foot in measurement is required to carry out this step of the installation. Elevate the garage door and mark it at the highest tip. Close the garage door. Specifically two inches coming from the marked point, make one more mark, this is the place you will be placing the header bracket bottom. Utilize the wood lag bolts to secure the header bracket in the 2nd mark.

With the motor end on the bottom and the rail contained in the header bracket, line up the opener assembly on the garage door. You will have to line up the holes on the rail together with the header bracket. Put a clevis pin in to the bracket and rail to attach.

Mount the Motor. Use the ladder to install the the motor. Using the ladder placed behind the tracks of the garage door, position the motor on top of the ladder. Slowly, increase the garage door till it comes in contact with the door. The motor assembly would. be raised and lifted up from the motor when you continue to open the garage door. When the door is totally open, place a 2×4 between the opener rail and garage door.

To do your garage door opener installation properly, you’ll need to connect the hangers to the motor head then into the ceiling stuffs. Using lag bolts, observe the instructions given to attach them to the ceiling. After connecting the hangers, raise the motor head and bolt it to the ceiling hangers.

Connect the Opener and the Door and Controls. Close up the garage door. Connect the longer section of the opener arm to the opener carriage assembly. Connect the other section to the garage door. Afterward hold the arms together and adjust them based on the directions.

Now check if the garage was pre-wired for installation of the photo-electric eye and wall station. Low-voltage wires at the bottom of the door track, just beside the entrance from the home, and beside the opener motor is a sign of this.

In case it is not pre-wired, you could quickly do this yourself with the parts included. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to pre-wire. When wiring is complete, attach the photo-electric eye to the outside of the garage door entrance. Utilize the insulated staples to attach the wires to the ceiling as well as the walls. Make sure to leave some cable free so you could connect the opener.

To get more about garage door opener installation, please visit John Defoe’s best online resource site on garage door installation and other garage door instalation problems to discover all the facts and check where to get information.


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